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27 Nov

The Garden Legends Story

Posted by Susan Fox in Garden Art, Hand Crafted Garden Signs

The Garden Legends Story


While traveling the lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii in the US and Europe I seek unique handcrafted treasures by artisans only to find that it is almost impossible to find work done by local artisans. Most selections were mass-produced and imported even in the loveliest of shops for tourists. Rather than hand crafted treasures to take home as memorabilia most shop selections of pretty things were stamped with “imported from”…


As a classic rose garden revivalist, I was determined to locate artisans to offer the gardening world the finest handcrafted works of art by true artisans.

 Now I want to offer you:

The Garden Legends Collection Debut

The debut of the first collection of Garden Legends Hand-Crafted Garden is available in handcrafted finest 7/8” stained cedar customized with the name of your garden. You may display your work of art on a beautiful hanging chain or stake.