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Product Image Garden Welcome Sign

Garden Welcome Sign

$ 19.99

Original Wood Hand-Crafted Works of Art for Your Garden

This Hand-Crafted Welcome Sign is available in the finest 7/8” stained cedar. It may be displayed on a beautiful hanging chain or stake to guide visitors along the path to your garden. Perfect for garden tours, to add individuality to your garden, or a gift for the gardener that has everything but who appreciates unique and thoughtful things.

You seek beauty in art. True artisans capture memories to create art work you can reflect upon and treasure. You, as an individual seek the unique. Your garden, the plants you choose, the colors, design, everything about you is unique. Now you can select the finest custom handcrafted works of arts for your garden.

Each piece is unique, hand crafted by local artisans. Your garden art piece will be the only one like it in the world. Your unique garden name now can be captured with the elegant look of the gardens of legend.

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